CFE Exam Instructor I for Forensic Certified Public Accountants Association

Position: CFE Exam Instructor I for Forensic Certified Public Accountants Association

Full time in New York, NY

Job duties:

● Teach and tutor students as a class, in small groups, and one-to-one on CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) exam;
● Introduce CFE exam to students who have law or legal studies education background and answer their questions regarding the exam;

● Design and develop lesson plans, curriculum content and delivery methods;
● Test, grade and score students’ performance periodically;
● Manage schedules and goals, and monitor and analyze progress of students.


Employer requires Bachelor of Legal Studies and at least 5 years’fraud prevention or fraud risk management related experience, or JD degree and at least 3 years’fraud prevention or fraud risk management related experience. Must have passed all the CFE exams or hold CFE license.

Send resume to HR, Forensic Certified Public Accountants Association, 1120 6th Ave, Rm 4057, New York, NY 10036