The demand for forensic accounting grows almost on a daily basis. Accounting and business publications alike predict the trend requiring additional forensic accountants will only carry on. Forensic accounting has been described within many public accounting firms’ recruiting offices and on many campuses as the most up-to-date area of accounting sought by candidates eager to enter the field of accounting.

Meanwhile, more and more cases of financial fraud and accounting-related litigation have been occurring, expanding both the contexts and the venues in which the skill set of a fraud examiner or forensic accountant can prove invaluable toward resolving the issue. While most people may possess a basic understanding of what traditional accounting may entail, few have any understanding about forensic accounting and fraud investigation.

Forensic Certified Public Accountants Association (FCPAA) is thus set up by a group of young and talented professionals aiming at providing training and industrial expertise to accountants, legal practitioners and fraud examiners in various fields of forensic accounting as well as providing referral services to those who sought investigation in auditing and accounting fraud as well as fraud prevention and deterrence. Talents and professionals who have gained the credential of Forensic CPA International from FCPAA are proven individuals who can take what could be presented as complicated and explain it to a jury comprising non-financial experts in terms they can understand and comprehend.