Professional Training

How to become a member of FCPAA?

By joining as the member of FCPAA, one agrees, at all time, uphold the Professional Code of Conduct and Ethnics of FCPAA.

FCPAi Certification Tests

To earn the FCPAi credential, you have to make sure you are eligible to take the tests as required by FCPAA.

1.Be an associate member of the FCPAA in good standing
2.Meet minimum academic and professional requirements: Bachelor degree with accounting, finance, business administration or other related major and a minimum of two years professional experience
3.At least 2 FCPAA referrers
4.Agree to abide by the professional Code of Conduct and Ethnics of FCPAA


An individual MUST be an accountant with at least 2 year professional experience or any country's CPA license.

Continuous Professional Education

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is a form of recertification and is required for our FCPAs to renew…

CPE Program

Program Title :Understanding the Role of Forensic Accountant…