Member Benefits

Forensic Certified Public Accountant International (FCPAi) Credential

Recognized worldwide as the standard of professional excellence in the anti-fraud profession, the FCPAi usually possess a 25% salary premium.

Expert Training Opportunities

Sharpen your skills, increase your value in the job market and fulfill your continuing education requirements for the FCPAi and other credentials. The FCPAA offers the best forensic accounting education available, including conferences, seminars, webinars, self-study courses, books and manuals.

Leadership Development

Differentiate yourself from your colleagues by developing and refining your leadership abilities through FCPAA volunteer opportunities such as:

  • contributing in your local division
  • Volunteering to serve on an FCPAA committee
  • Speaking at an FCPAA event
  • Joining the Advisory Council where you can help shape the future of the FCPAA

Specialized online tools and resources to support your career

  • Forensic Accounting Assessment – is your organization at risk for accounting or auditing fraud?
  • Sample documents, policies and reports to help you do your job better.

Diverse networking opportunities

Bond and collaborate with fraud investigation and prevention professionals from all over the world via the activities organized by FCPAA.